Persian breakfast

Persian Breakfast

One of the most delicious breakfasts, Iranian breakfast is undoubtedly nutrient-dense. Eggs, cheese, butter, jam & honey, tomatoes, cucumbers are typical morning dishes. A hot loaf of freshly baked bread is the most enjoyable accompaniment to an Iranian breakfast. Iran’s most popular bread varieties are as below: Barbari, Sangak, Lavash, Taftoon Haleem one of the […]

Persian souvenir

Local Souvenir

One hard part of a trip can be buying souvenirs, so getting some help and pre-planning can make it very pleasant; especially in a country such as Iran, which has a very extensive variety of souvenirs. Iranian souvenirs can satisfy different tastes of different people from all around the world. Isfahan Gaz the delicious Persian […]

Persian costume

Traditional Iranian costumes

Iran is a vast country containing many different ethnicities and languages so the traditional Iranian costumes tend to vary by region, territory, and sometimes even an individual village. Although the majority of Iranians are Persian, Iran has a varied population that includes different ethnic groups, each with its language, tradition, and clothes, all of which […]

Persian festivals

Persian Festivals & Celebrations

Shab-e Chelle Shab-e-Yalda or Shab-e Chelle is one of the most ancient Persian festivals annually celebrated by Iranians all around the world. This is one of the most celebrated traditional events in Iran which marks the longest night of the year on the eve of the winter solstice (December 20-21). Today, Yalda celebrations have become […]

Persian desserts

Persian Desserts

Whether it is a simple date or an exciting and colorful dessert; It is pleasant to eat sweets and desserts after the main meal. Historical evidence considers Iranian people to be among the first owners of this global habit, and this means that Iranian ancestors were among the first to believe in eating dessert.  Therefore, it […]

Persian cuisine

Persian Foods

Now that you’ve decided to have a trip to Iran, you must know about the most joyful part of it; the Iranian cuisine. Every country or region depending on its variety of ethnic groups and old customs, as well as, geographical resources and the neighboring culture impacts has reached to its exclusive recipes which after […]

kish island

Kish; pearl of the Persian Gulf

Owing to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise with numerous malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions and resort hotels. Cultural tourism complex of underground city of kish, called Kariz is one of the island attractions and was built at the junction of three ancient aqueducts. The kish Qanat is an […]

Hormuz; rainbow island of Iran

Hormuz, located near the southern shores of Iran, is an island facing the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Potable water comes from the continent through an aqueduct and despite being devoid of native vegetation, it remains one of the most attractive islands in the Middle East. The island is surrounded by a beautiful coastal road […]


Qeshm; island of seven wonders

Qeshm is a free duty zone and has the shape of a dolphin. This Island which is the largest island in Iran, lies strategically in the Strait of Hormoz. Qeshm island UNESCO Global Geopark is part of the huge mountain range of Zagros and because of its natural and historical beauties is the only Geopark […]

Shazdeh mahan garden

Kerman; city of stars

Ganj-Ali Khan complex is composed of a school, square, caravanserai, public bath, water reservoir, a mint house, mosque and bazaar. The square is similar to Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan and Amir Chakhmagh Square in Yazd and the Bazaar is connected to this Square through iwans and vaults. The bath is unique work architecture with […]

Tabriz; city of Azeri Turks

It is talk of Tabriz the city of compassion and a city with historic greatness and widespread economic effects been intertwined throughout the history like wrap and weft of the picturesque carpet. East Azerbaijan enjoys a rich compendium of Azeri traditions. The old history, rich culture, brilliant civilization, matchless tourist attractions, undeniable social potentials, soothing […]


Rasht; creative city of gastronomy

Rasht is one of the largest most populated cities in northern Iran. As the capital of Gilan province, Rasht has a lot of scenery to see. Registered as Creative City of gastronomy in UNESCO, Rasht offers a huge range of tasty foods. So, if you are a food traveler, Rasht must be your first spot […]