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22 Days 21 Nights

You will experience a journey designed to cover the highlights of the country in 22 days on a hassle-free itinerary so that you can remember forever. It will starts from the northwest in cities like Qazvin, Zanjan, Tabriz, Ardebil, Sarein and Anzali. You will discover the most fascinating scenery and monuments with peace of mind and get to know the people with their beautiful customs. You will also visit the unique places from the southeast to the center of Iran in a variety of cities such as Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan and Kashan. Explore historical places like Abyaneh, Mahan, Abarkuh, Izadkhast and Persepolis and enjoy visiting caravanserais, castles, palaces, Persian Gardens which are the symbols of terrestrial paradise in Iran.

Arrival and Departure Time


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1 night in Tehran – 1 night in Zanjan – 1 night in Maraghe – 2 nights in Tabriz – 1 night in Sareyn – 1 night in Anzali – 2 nights in Tehran – 2 nights in Keramn – 2 nights in Yazd – 3 nights in Shiraz – 3 nights in Isfahan – 1 night in Kashan – 1 night in Tehran

Tour Highlights

•  Qazvin: Get to know a lesser-known destination for the tourists, a city which was the Safavid Capital and offers a lot of places to discover. Like Chehel-Sotun palace museum set in a large garden and the Jameh mosque which is one of the oldest of its kind.

•  Throne of Solomon: Persians call it Takhte-Soleyman, an ancient city that dates back to centuries ago. This city was the capital of many earlier Kingdoms in history. We tell you a brief story of this wonderland.

•  Kandovan: Indulge your senses in the flavors and culture of this rocky village. Get amazed by its architecture which is like hives. This stone village is an ideal place to relax and is recommended for those who are seeking peace and comfort.

•  Tabriz: One of the oldest and biggest cities in Iran with a unique structure and many places to explore including the oldest Bazaars of the Middle East, Elgoli mansion with a fine view of the sky and the lake and the major archaeological and historical museum in this city.

•  Sarein: A city with hot springs and famous for its honey products in Iran. You can try a real taste of honey which is produced locally by the Beekeepers of the area.

•  Anzali: Enjoy visiting one of the best nature sightseeing in Iran with the eye-catching scenery of the Anzali wetland. This march is famous for its lotus flowers flourished between the leaves and migratory birds flying each year to this spectacular area.

•  Masouleh: Imagine exploring an ancient village surrounded by forested mountains which is often covered with fog. This village is filled with beauty, art and traditions and is famous because there is no vehicle traffic due to its unique structure.

•  Tehran:  The Modern Capital of Iran presents a variety of scenery, history, and culture. This journey takes you to its core. There are great Palaces and Museums to enjoy in-depth like the Golestan Palace, including gardens, royal buildings and a selection of Iranian crafts from the 18th century and the National jewelry Museum, with a fine reflection of Iranian Art.

•  Kerman: Another desert city in the southeast of Iran with many attractions to enjoy as the Ganjali-khan Complex, which consists of a square, historical Caravanserai, bathhouse, and Bazaar. You will also get amused by visiting a traditional reservoir (Ab-Anbar) and the Jameh mosque of this city.

•  Mahan: Enjoy visiting the gorgeous city of Mahan and the ancient Castle of Rayen (the third big adobe building in the world), you can also visit Shah Nematollah Shrine and get amazed by the beauty of this place which is considered as an architectural gem.

•  Yazd: A collection of finest Persian mud-houses throughout the historic alleys of Yazd, feel the fresh air while visiting different sites in this city such as Towers of silence, fire temple and Amir-Chakhmaq complex.

Abarkuh: A historical city constructed with numerous mud-houses and special wind towers that catch the wind, especially on hot days of the year. There, you will also wonder at the famous Cypress tree and Abarkuh Icehouse.

•  Pasargadae: A different visit from all you have seen before. You can feel the power of great ancient kingdom in Persian land while you are visiting the tomb of Cyrus the great, in a lush and inspiring view of the area.

•  Shiraz: Get mesmerized by the lavish Eram garden with its aromatic myrtles and orange-scented Narenjestan in your city tour to beautiful Shiraz.

•  Persepolis: A legendary city with two important Unesco World Heritage sites, Feel the power of the Ancient Persian Empire in the unique and breathtaking ruins of Persepolis.

•  Izadkhast: Explore the interesting and different architectural styles of Izadkhast complex. This complex is a unique kind of ancient historical sites in the south of Isfahan province. It consists of a Castle, an old bridge, and a caravanserai which dates back to the Safavid era.

•  Isfahan: Discover the best collection of Persian architecture, beautiful landscapes and sceneries. You can enjoy a horse ride in Naqshe-Jahan Square, the main tourist spot in Isfahan, wonder at the magnificent mosques and also walk along the Zayanderud river, the heartbeat of Isfahan.

•  Abyaneh: Explore a unique lifestyle through the red texture of Abyaneh village and feel a real sense of traditional life and strong culture in the rural life of the people.

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Trip details


  • Arrival & departure airport transfers from/to the Hotel
  • Domestic flights
  • Official guide for the required Language
  • All the transportations with an exclusive car equipped with air conditioning
  • Entrances Fees based on the itinerary
  • 21 Nights accommodation in 4* Hotels and traditional Houses including Breakfast
  • 21 meals with non-alcoholic Drinks


  • International Flight
  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurances
  • Everything not mentioned in “inclusions”

Payment Methods

Exclusive Prices of Shahrzad-Baal Agency

Based on the Itinerary

Payments will be deposited to Oriente Viaje account In Madrid | 25% at the Booking time | And the rest 45 days before the trip

In the case you need an Int. flight, prices vary, due to the currency exchange rate

Cancellation Policy

• Cancellation charges will be as follows:

  • Up to 60-45 days prior to the service date and receive a 100% refund
  • 45 to 30 days before departure – 15% of tour cost*
  • 29-10 days before departure – 35% of tour cost*
  • 9 or fewer days before departure – Deposits are non-refundable


Describe of tour plane first to end

Day 1: Origin | Tehran Flight

The journey starts with a Flight, destination to Tehran. After Arrival in the next daybreak at the Int. airport in Tehran, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Tehran/ Qazvin | Soltaniyeh Dome | Zanjan

Leaving Tehran behind, we set off for Zanjan. On the way, you visit the historical city of Qazvin (The first Safavid Capital), a place with lots of historical monuments Including Jameh mosque, Shahzadeh Hossein harem, Chehel Sotun palace Museum, Tehran Gate “Tehran old Gate”. We also pay a visit to the Soltaniyeh Dome (the largest brick dome in the world and the UNESCO World Heritage Site). After arriving in Zanjan city, we will stay at a hotel booked in advance.

Day 3: Zanjan | Takhte Soleyman | Maraghe

This day we are departing for Maraghe, a historical city proud of its ancient observatory, and on the way, we get to see Takhte-Soleyman or Throne of Solomon. Following the road, there are some beautiful architectural arts like “Kabud Dome”, “Blue Dome”, “Red Dome” and “Ghaffarieh Dome”.

Afterward, we come back to the hotel accommodation in Maraghe.

Day 4: Maraghe | Kandovan | Tabriz

Moving on to Tabriz, we stop by the ancient village of Kandovan (One of the three stone and rocky villages in the world), an extraordinary ancient village in the province of East Azerbaijan with at least 800 years of existence. Then hotel accommodation is being provided in Tabriz.

Day 5: Tabriz

On the fifth day, we will have a delightful city tour in Tabriz. Head out with your group to visit Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, Azerbaijan Museum, The Blue Mosque as well as Elgoli mansion and park. We return to the hotel later on for a restful night.

Day 6: Tabriz | Ardebil | Sarein

This day on our trip to Ardebil, we plan to visit Sheikh Safie Tomb, Bazaar and Jameh Mosque. Continuing to Sarein, A city with hot springs. The water is heated largely by the Sabalan Mountain which is Iran’s second-highest mountain after Damavand. Sarein is also famous for its honey. Many of Sarein’s shops sell honey which is produced locally by the Beekeepers of the area. We will spend the rest of the day leisurely at the Hotel in Sarein.

Day 7 : Sarein | Anzali

Departure to the Caspian Sea (the world’s largest lake), this day is going to be a nature sightseeing day in Anzali city. We see Anzali Marsh and walking along the Caspian Sea with the magnificent scenery of the sky and seashore. Then enjoy a refreshment at one of the pleasant hotels in the city.

Day 8: Anzali | Masouleh | Tehran

Moving on to Tehran, we drive on a beautiful road while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lush Alborz Mountains and discovering the lesser-known areas of this destination. On the road, we visit the ancient city of Masouleh. After arrival at night, we will stay at a hotel in Tehran.

Day 9: Tehran

After having a rest and delicious breakfast, your driver is waiting to pick you up and take you to see the attractions of the Capital. We visit the cultural and architectural heritage of ancient Iran civilization in the National Museum of Iran, Golestan Palace, Ceramic and Crystal Museum and National Jewelry Museum*, Then we return to spend a night at the hotel.

* National Jewels Museum is open from Saturday to Tuesday. In case you arrive in Tehran days other than the due time of visit, we replace the Carpet museum.

Day 10: Tehran | Kerman

This morning we take a short flight to Kerman to delve into its long history and strong cultural heritage. After arriving in Kerman, you will discover how people adapted their life to a desert city surrounded by mountains. We will also visit Ganjali Khan Complex, which consists of Bazaar and an old bath, Jameh Mosque, and Grand Bazaar. In the end, residing at the requisition hotel is being provided.

Day 11: Kerman | Mahan | Rayen | Kerman

Departure to the gorgeous city of Mahan, on the southeast of Kerman (89Km away), and The Ancient Castle of Rayen (The third big adobe building). Arg-e Rayen is an adobe castle which in comparison to the citadel in Bam, is extremely well preserved. The castle is believed to be at least 1,000 years old, and the surrounding mud-brick buildings were inhabited until 150 years ago. On this tour, you will visit the shrine of Shah Nematollah Vali, the tomb of one of the greatest men in the history of Iran. This is no regular Shrine but an architectural gem.

We will also visit Shahzadeh Garden (Prince Garden, the UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2011, one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran).

In the end, we return to Kerman to stay at the hotel.

Day 12: Kerman | Yazd

Art and ancient architecture are on display in our adventurous journey to Yazd (Bride of Desert, 368 Km in the northwest of Kerman, about 4 hours). On our way we visit Zeyno-din Caravanserai (60 km southeast of Yazd), the caravanserai dates back to the 16th century and is situated on the ancient Silk Road. It is one of 999 lodging houses that were built during the reign of Shah Abbas I to provide facilities to travelers. After arrival in the city we check-in at your hotel.

Day 13: Yazd

Discover a combination of beauty and history during a walk in the city of Yazd. Get familiar with the architecture and culture of the people who live in the central plateau of Iran by visiting Amir-Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Mosque (dating from the 14th century) and the Water Museum. In the evening, after walking through the old alleys of the city, join your travel companions at the hotel.

Day 14: Yazd | Abarkuh | Pasargadae | Shiraz

Take a relaxing trip to Shiraz, the city of ravishing flowers and great poems. On our way, we stop to discover the city of Abarkuh (along the ancient Silk Road). A city with numerous magnificent mud houses and antiquity of at least 4.000 years, and then marvel at the Pasargadae (the tomb of Cyrus the Great), a glorious historical site that you will visit as we get close to Shiraz. Continuing to Shiraz and on arrival, we will transfer you to hotel accommodation.

Day 15: Shiraz

Today you will have a full day at leisure to explore. We’ll see the most famous attractions in Shiraz including Grand Bazaar, explore and shop in the bustling Vakil Bazaar, home to hundreds of stores with beautiful courtyards, Vakil Mosque, Karim Khan Castle (Arg of Karim khan), built during the Zand Dynasty, Eram garden with its aromatic myrtles, beautiful flowers and towering cypress that steals your heart, Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque)orange-scented Narenjestan and Quran Gate. By the evening, according to the timetable, we can visit Shahcheragh shrine. After all, we return to stay at the hotel.

Day 16: Shiraz | Persepolis | Shiraz

The following day we depart to experience past in present, Persepolis, another world heritage site in Iran. You will see the vestige of the ancient capital of Persian Empire, Naghshe Rajab and Naghshe Rostam known as “Rostam Portrait”, a stone wall contains four Achaemenid royal stones tombs in a cross form with an outstanding pillar. Right after on our way back to Shiraz, in the evening, we’ll visit the Tomb of Hafiz (Aramgah-e Hafiz), the great Shirazi poet who wrote lyrical poems about love and the beloved. Then we return to rest at the hotel.

Day 17: Shiraz | Izadkhast | Esfahan

En route to Esfahan, our first stop sees us explore the Historic village of Izadkhast which is located in the north of Fars province. The Complex of Izadkhast consists of Izad-Khast Castle, a caravanserai, and a Safavid-period bridge. You will arrive in Esfahan and transfer to your hotel for a leisurely night stay.

Day 18: Isfahan

On this day we visit Isfahan ancient capital considered as the Florence of the East. You will have an opportunity to see the UNESCO world heritage sites of Naghsh-eh Jahan and admire the architecture reflected in the Mosques and palaces that surround the square. In the square we visit Shah Mosque (Royal Mosque), The Pavilion of Ali-Qapu; Royal palace of the Safavid kings where they used to see the polo games and ceremonies, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (or Ladies Mosque), Isfahan Grand Bazaar, and last but not least, Chehel Sotoun PalaceWe will transfer you to stay at the hotel afterward.

Day 19: Isfahan

Continuing our City Tour to the heart of Isfahan we will visit Hasht-Behesht Palace, Jameh Mosque (Jome Mosque), an encyclopedia of Iranian and Islamic arts. You can see the development of Iranian architecture in this complex, another World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. You will also visit The Armenian Quarter and Vank Cathedral (the historic focal point of the Armenian Church). Then you will see The Historical bridges of Siosepol and Khajou and watch how the river gives life to the city landscape and the people who live beside it. We stay overnight at the hotel in Isfahan.

Day 20: Isfahan | Abyaneh | Kashan

Departure to Kashanon our way we visit Historical Abyaneh village with its red texture. The village is one of the oldest in Iran. After Abyaneh, continuing along the path we drive to Kashan, a town known for its superb ceramic industry dating back to the 12th century. You’ll arrive in Kashan to rest at your hotel.

Day 21: Kashan | Qom | Tehran

In the morning, you will have a city tour in Kashan. We will visit the Fin Garden, one of the beautiful samples of Persian Garden and Boroujerdi house which is the genuine sample of Iranian traditional desert architecture. Then we see Agha Bozorg Mosque and School, a stunning 18th-century building. Our journey takes us to the holy city of Qom there will be a visit from Fatima Masumeh Shrine. Continuing the road toward Tehran. Enjoy your last night with the group in Iran’s vibrant capital.

Day 22: Tehran Flight | Origin

After one final breakfast at the hotel, you will be met for your private transfer to the airport and your flight home.

End of the journey

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