Dalkhani Jungle


A jungle with 800 meter height above the sea and located around Alborz mountains, 30 km southeast of Ramsar. In comparison with other jungles in Iran, this is one of the biggest jungles leading you to other attractions like Garmsar.

This is one of the most beautiful jungles you have ever seen before. especially when the weather is foggy. This jungle has a cool weather with dense trees of which beauties make you wonder!

Just take a few days out of our daily routine and let’s go to the dreamy regions of Iran. Cool air, green landscape and tranquil silence, along with the whisper of the birds, are ahead of you.

You just need to stop waiting and hit the road to Gilan province and visit these jungles that are one of the best choices for walking.

While taking a walk, you can take photos from the eye-catching nature of this area and enjoy its wonderful weather. If your trip mates are fans of the nature, you can have a memorable time by drinking hot tea in this beautiful jungle. In the middle of the way, you can drink water from spring water of Dalkhani jungle and continue the way with the birds singing and the sound of water crossing the river.

You can go through the jungle and enjoy the nature but we offer not to get away so far from the main way, because even a small mistake would lead you to trouble. You can adventure and watch the fantastic scenery of lush Jungle and a variety of trees and different species of plants.

Foods and other souvenirs

On the way to this beautiful destination, You can take fresh fruits, delicious foods with ethnic honey of this area as souvenir for your beloved one’s.

The beauties of the forest are not limited to the northern fringes of the country. Although traveling to the north and logging in one of the beautiful forests of this region will never be repetitive and tedious. But the journey to the Dalkhani forests and the ever-spring Mangrove forests on the south coast will also be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Most of Iran’s forests are located in the northern regions of the country and south of the Caspian Sea.

Camping in the beautiful Gilan Forest Tunnel

We can take you to one of the Plain area and semi-mountainous regions of Gilan. This area has many beauties that attract every visitor. There is less tourist who comes to Gilan Province and does not go to Gisum forest. Gisum is one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the city of Talesh, located 18 km from Talesh Route in Rasht. The characteristic of the Gisom forest, which has made it attractive to tourists, is the existence of thick and tall forest trees that have risen to the sky on either side of the coastal road of Gisom.
These trees have created a beautiful and spectacular tunnel road with their green walls.

“Paradise Hall” in the Dalkhani forests!

Everything can be found in this area Mountain, Grass, Jungle, south-east Sea and whatever you expect to see in a forest area. The beautiful Dalkhani forests which is known as “Paradise Hall”, with massive trees and pleasant weather, can provide one of the finest naturalist experiences.
Dalkhani is a village which is one the environs of central region of Ramsar. It is located at 30km of south east of Ramsar in rural district of Chehel Shahid. Dalkani is a semi-mountainous forest with a height of about 800 meters and is a good option for climbers.

By entering the secluded Dalkhani jungle, a world full of colorful dreams is waiting for you. You will feel freshness from the bottom of your heart. It seems God is taking a walk with you in this magnificent paradise. The freshness and cool weather of jungle drowns you; a jungle with high trees plus thick fog and excellent weather which is famous as the corridor of paradise because of its beauties. Dalkhani jungle which is located 30 km south east of Ramsar has some features like a short distance from sea to jungle that has attracted many visitors and tourists.

On this wonderful route, you can see some jungle houses and restaurants with colorful chairs which are in the middle of a road and massive trees that make a magnificent view for the fan of nature. You can enjoy eating delicious foods which are in a restaurant in a middle of Dalkhani jungle. The great taste of these foods will remain in your mind forever.

Best seasons

You can travel here in all seasons and enjoy different views of nature.

How to Get There?

For getting there, go to the east of Ramsar to reach a three-way. Turn right and by continuing, you will see the jungle.

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