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Dress Code for traveling to Iran

How can you travel to Iran as a woman?

What are the Do’s and Don’ts?

How should you behave?

Do you have to wear a headscarf as a Western woman in Iran?

Women in Iran must always wear a long coat/tunic over their regular clothes and are required to cover their heads with a scarf. It’s the law. So as a woman in Iran you should wear a hijab everywhere, in public places, in hotels, cafés, in the metro, in the buses and on airplanes, almost everywhere. The good news is, you get used to wear it. It depends on the situation and the place or city that you travel to, how many or how few hairs you should cover. In some regions like the Capitol Tehran, you can wear the scarf just loose over your topknot, but you will get more confident with the time and will get a feeling for the situation.

Headscarves are available in different colors and tend to be a part of Iranian women’s outfit. It’s okay if your hair is sticking out of your scarf because most young girls only cover the top of their heads, but don’t mistake them for bandannas, headscarves must cover your neck as well as your head.

Planning to travel? Before booking a flight and accommodation in Iran, take the time to know some of the most important facts that will make way for the most memorable and convenient travel experience.

How about the legs and body?

Based on the dress code in Iran for tourists, you are supposed to hide the shape of your body. You should wear long skirts or trousers like jeans and cotton pants in line with the seasons.

You can wear skinny jeans or any other tight pants as long as they cover your calves, but since Capris are too short, they must be avoided.

Your top should be moderately loose and fall to nearly mid-thigh. Another option is a summer dress over jeans and a t-shirt. Bare forearms are fine in Iran but you should cover your shoulders.


Manteaus are a type of tunic that usually reaches down to mid-thigh. Most women in Iran, prefer to wear a manteau which can be long, short, tight, or loose, and in different colors.

You can get yourself a trendy manteau for about 15-30 $ and use it as a light overcoat that covers your clothing.

Make Up

Makeup is an important part of Iranian women’s style, especially in big cities. They usually do their brows and wear heavy eye makeup including eyeliner, mascara, and colorful shadows.

But if you’re not a big fan of cosmetics, that’s cool!

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Regional variations

Iran is a big country containing various ethnic groups. As you move across the country you’ll get to know diverse cultures and dress codes. In religious regions like Qom, Yazd, Mashad, Kerman, and Kashan people dress more conservatively. But northern regions like Tehran, Gilan and Mazandaran are the opposite.

Indoor clothing

Everything that was mentioned above is only to public appearance; in case you are in private, women-only places or if you get invited to an Iranian house, feel free to wear whatever you like.

Just don’t forget about the religious cities in which women tend to use dark colors in their clothes.

Dress codes in Iran for Men

When it comes to dress-codes for men, there are only a few rules you have to act according to in public

  1. Avoid shorts

You can wear jeans or trousers but you must not wear shorts in the Islamic republic. Of course, they are okay to wear in private places.

  1. No sleeveless vests

The T-shirts are fine but you are not allowed to wear sleeveless vests in Iran. Just stick to shirts and T-shirts.

Suitable clothing in different seasons

Iran is a country that possesses the four-season climate conditions. In summer Tehran temperature can reach up to 38 degrees and in winter between 5 to -3 degrees. The Most rainy/snowy months in spring are between April and May and in winter between October and November. We suggest that you check the weather condition of the regions that you like to visit with us in advance.

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