Saeidian Benyamin

Star valley

Valley of Stars, also known as Stars Valley, is a unique example among all Geosites. This stunning site is situated near Berkeh Khalaf Village on Qeshm Island, in Hormozgan Province. The Star Valley is a unique example among all Geosites and is at present the most visited among all Geosites. The geological morphology of this site is the result of erosion by rainstorms, wind and gravity on various layers. If… Read More »Star valley

Dalkhani Jungle

Introduction A jungle with 800 meter height above the sea and located around Alborz mountains, 30 km southeast of Ramsar. In comparison with other jungles in Iran, this is one of the biggest jungles leading you to other attractions like Garmsar. This is one of the most beautiful jungles you have ever seen before. especially when the weather is foggy. This jungle has a cool weather with dense trees of… Read More »Dalkhani Jungle

The Mystery of Star Valley

One of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island is the Valley of Stars. It features a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over centuries by erosion. Wandering amid the valley is a magical experience, it’s like stepping into a Dalí painting! This geographical phenomenon has more than 2 million years old. It is one of the sevenwonders of Qeshm Ireland. Also, visitors compare Star Valley… Read More »The Mystery of Star Valley